Absolutely not. We make sure to promote your repository carefully enough to get it noticed gradually yet consistently. It keeps adding stars from users until you reach your goal. We purposefully do not promote it aggressively because that would result in too many stars in a very short period of time and that could risk getting detected by the algorithm. When you order our service, we ensure that you get the desired results and your work is being starred by the users at the organic speed.

While it is possible to deliver your order as fast as you would like us to, but generally we do not recommend it. Our order delivery time is carefully calculated depending on total number of desired stars and based on that we promote your work. That is how your repository gets organic stars – naturally and steadily over the span of days depending on the number you ordered. The gradual delivery process also gives an overall positive impression to your existing followers that your repository is continuously being used and liked. This kind of attention and demand for your work is our ultimate goal.

There is no possibility that you will lose any stars. Your repository is starred by fellow members, who either liked your work, found it useful or they starred it to use it later for some project. Nevertheless, in case if any of the users unstar your work at any point of time, given they are no longer interested in it or for any other reason, we will happily refill it for you without the need of placing a new order.

Yes, if you would like to spread your order on multiple repos all you have to do is provide us the names or links of the repos on checkout page. Please do note that there is a minimum limit of 50 stars per repo that means you must order more than 50 stars to split them.

Each order starts within a week.

We generally do not recommend delivering too many stars in a very short period however if you would like the opposite and want the stars to increase very slowly over a period of many days, we will be able to do that if your order is for 1000 or more stars. Stretching a campaign over several days for a small order would not be possible.