Any Github user while in search of creative ideas explore “ top trending repositories”, it takes less than few moments to evaluate any project/code. The first glance on statistics as “stars” and “forks” of any repository shows how creative and useful your code/project is. That one glance is your opportunity to lure further interest in your work while directing them to your profile. Good statics attract more visibility. No matter how good your project is, you need to promote your work for consideration and utilization. What else can promote your repository more than those people who have forked your work already and making best use of it?

Number of forks translates to the number of people who found your repository useful and they intend to use it for their projects. You can have as many forks as you like on all of your repositories. But we suggest that you get comparatively more forks for your repository you wish to promote the most. When new coders/programmers/visitors will find your most promoted repository useful, they will definitely like to check your further work too.

Yes, You can order one repository specific forks or you can divide one order between multiple repositories. Please mention this while placing order.