Whether you are a new on Github or recently became active again, Your visibility and importance of your ongoing work is shown by certain parameters. Github followers being one of those few parameters. Any new visitor to your profile can judge your creativity and performance in a glance by seeing how many people are following you. Number of active followers means these people find your work interesting and useful. It is undeniable fact that no matter how good your projects are, most people are not interested in work that has not been evaluated or used by others before. Your followers are intangible strength of your profile to prove that your work is worth enough. So to get your profile visitors into investing their time and getting to know your work, there is nothing more important than having a good number of followers. In short number of followers is number of people who value your your work. You can show it to your profile visitor, in one glance, right there on your profile.

Your potential followers will be fellow GitHub users, who have been active on this platform for long time. Many programmers are on constant hunt for codes/repositories for their own projects and that’s why they keep exploring work of others. When they find your work interesting, they will follow you. Since Github is a global platform for professional and student programmers, your followers can be from anywhere in the world. Location of followers has no negative or positive impact, they are only seen as people who are interested in utilizing your work.

Definitely, but only when they like your work and have questions they might comment or like your work. However, If you are looking to get definite “stars” or “forks” on your projects, you can order that from us separately.

This all depends on what is your purpose of getting Followers. Is it because you are new and want to have a good start? Or you are looking to get your work some prominence and want to boost visibility? Generally, there is no maximum limit for getting followers, but it is important to keep a healthy ratio between followers, stars and forks to give a healthy professional impression. For the best advice, you can always contact us to discuss this based on your special individual needs.